ScriptCast started out in 2017 as a side project from Stefan Baumgartner and Sebastian Gierlinger, the creators and organisers of ScriptConf.

Me never shutting up
ScriptConf 2017 brought the idea of doing more. Podcasts are one result

Originally envisioned as a place to deliver content between conferences, ScriptCast turned out as a outlet to try out new things: Interviews in person and remote, conference recordings, and lots of beer garden chats.

Season 1

Stefan was on tour at different conferences: Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf, DevOne in Linz, Front-End Con in Warsaw and JS Kongress in Munich. He invited speakers to chat about their talk and topic. In the same spirit as ScriptConf is a conference about JavaScript, without actually showing that much JavaScript, ScriptCast featured people from the JavaScript scene to talk about their favourite topic that is loosely connected to our favourite programming language.

Harry and Me
The very first ScriptCast with Harry Roberts and myself. A fun day in Vienna!

Topics include performance, static site generators, visualisation, the Dunning-Kruger effect, regular expressions and so much more!

Season 2

Season 2 was different. Script'18 took place in January 2018. We rent a very elaborate recording equipment to produce conference videos quickly, but it turned out that this equipment wasn't ready for the huge amount of content we produced. The result were empty video files, but a secure audio track. Since we had ScriptCast already established, we decided to put out all talks as podcast episodes.

The Script18 line-up
The 2018 edition of ScriptConf featured a ton of great speakers. You can listen to them in season 2

Those episodes were so well recieved that Season 2 got a bonus episode with Chris Heilmann's original keynote from the very first ScriptConf.

Season 3

With Season 3, we decided to go professional. Better equipment, a website and a domain, and lots of ideas in our pocket. Let's see what's coming up!

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